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About County Jail Inmate Search

County Jail Inmate Search was created to help people find a loved one that has been recently arrested and provide useful Inmate Information, such as Booking Information, upcoming court dates, visiting hours and Jail Information. County Jail Inmate Search knows how confusing and frustrating this situation can be, especially when this is the first time going through this.  Please allow us to gain your trust and respect by providing the Inmate Search and Inmate Information you need.

County Jail Inmate Search is an Inmate Information Center dedicated to serve the community in the unfortunate event of having their loved one arrested.  Our Inmate Search and Inmate Information is free of charge and we are available 24 hours 7 days a week. Once you contact County Jail Inmate Search we can search different data bases to find your loved one and provide you with relevant Inmate Information.

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Phone# : (213) 261-0232
106 1/2 Judge John Aiso St. #242
Los Angeles, CA 90012
  • Thank you guys so much for helping me find my sister in custody. I spend hours looking for her before calling you guys. Turns out she was in Lynwood at the Century Station, she was arrested for a DUI and got release 12 hours later. hope she learned her leason.
  • Thank you so much for treating me with respect when I called and giving me all the booking information i needed. I had been trying to get information on my cousin that had got arrested with no success. The Police officers at the Jail were really rude and unhelpful. Thank You Again.
  • All i can say is thank you for the help, very informative and polite. keep doing what you guys are doing.
  • Nice guys gave my family inmate information that we couldnt get by going to the police station directly. This guys were way more helpful. Thank you
  • They do exactly what they said they would. I could not find my daugther anywhere, so when i called them i was really frustrated. They were really pacient and help me find where she was been held at, turns out she was in pasadena. they also pointed me in the right direction to get her out of jail. Thank you very much!!!!!